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Operator and Entrepreneur - I help early-stage startups save money and focus on delivery.

Whether you are pre-seed or post-series A, using your development team or outsourcing to a third party, developing a product is hard. From product teams that consistently fail to deliver and software that doesn’t perform to teams too stretched to work on the business goals you want, it’s challenging to focus on execution in the fog of the daily hustle of startup life.

I know - and I can help.

How I help

Marketing attribution

Are you not sure how effective your paid marketing is? I work with your agency or CMO to set up and configure the proper tooling to track attribution and understand where your customers are coming from.

Coach your leaders

I work with your technical co-founders, partners and leaders to help them grow to the next stage your startup needs.

Security and Privacy

I help you understand your privacy and security posture and what needs to be done to reach the next level.

3rd Parties

I help challenge and manage your contractors to ensure you get what you need and they deliver what you pay for in a compliant, scalable and, most importantly, auditable way.

Secure data pipelines

You know you’re sitting on a goldmine of data but unsure how to make it accessible. I help build compliant and secure data pipelines that give you the insights you need about your users.

Incident lead

I am on standby to help coach and guide your team through incidents whenever they happen.

Government Grants

I help you understand what is available and how to collect the data you need to apply efficiently.

Hire your leaders

I help navigate the recruiting process, assess candidates and give you honest assessments of their value to the team.

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